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Our Terms

  1. Introduction

     The terms of use and who they apply to in our terms

  1. The terms of use developed in this site only apply to those wishing to use website. The documents on the website set out the conditions and terms that should apply to everyone wishing to visit the site. The site can only be used for placing an order, browsing and accessing other hidden information. Please go through the terms listed below very carefully because they contain helpful information that will help you navigate through the site. We have your attention drawn particularly to clause 8: using the website; suspension and termination, Clause 9: Using the products, clause 10: Plagiarism and clause 13 of disclaimers liability. As you use the site and apply our terms, we suggest that you have the terms and conditions listen below printed and stored on your personal computer for future use.

    Terms of use

    Termination of Account: We are informing users that any accounts in their name could be terminated or disabled if there are any cases of abuse through a mobile app or the phone.

    Registration: users must first agree to operate within the rules of registration. Registration can be done through the mobile app or directly on the website.

    Content Owner: We are notifying users that no other content apart from what they wish to post appears on their walls and not on other users’ walls.

    • 2 Other documents that users should refer to when using the site

    • The About us description
    • The privacy policy
    • The FAQ
    • The section on Guarantee that sets out much detail on what we have promised

    These documents are compressed under one document called ‘these terms’. Every visitor of the website must read the above mentioned terms and documents before making any order to using the site.

    • 3 Results of using the site

    By accessing the site, every visitor is bound legally by the conditions in this site. And every time these terms change, users must adjust without complain.

    • 4 How these terms are changed

    From time to time, we might change or add onto the existing terms to; provide better services, to change regulatory, legal and security terms.

    1. About us

    This site is a provision by a single freelancing company that is registered legally in the United States. The company has a company number that can be used in searching for its location.

    1. Information on the site and use
    2. a) On the About Our Site term, there is an explanation on how to use the site
    3. b) Accessing our services can be performed here
    4. c) As a registered company, we have the right to add, withdraw and change any features with regard to how the site works  from time to time
    5. d) Any order or payment must be made legal as a form of contract between us and the jurisdiction from which you reside.
    6. How to review or place and order:


    1. a) To review or make an order, every member is expected to complete and submit an standard online form for order
    2. b) The order will the specify other requirements and scope of work that matches our order and a draft made and delivered to you in advance
    3. c) When making or previewing an order for a service, our support team will ask you to register and provide personal details that will help you complete the standard order form and registration.
    4. d) General information about the nature of your visit will be gathered as well as your personal information
    5. e) In the event that the client changes his personal profile, it is their duty to update his new data from the Edit profile
    6. Visitor and payment data: security and use

    Please click on Privacy Policy for information on how we gather, apply and store all client information and details

    1. Account data and security
    2. a) Every visitor will be asked to give out their name and email address as well as the password they will be using to access the site.
    1. b) Your information should be stored in a way no one can access your account
    2. c) The company reserves the right to make changes on your account in case we see it is not secure any more. In case we change your details, we shall be sending an email to you.
    3. d) Forgot your password? Click on forgot password button to have a new password and be satisfied with the security of your account.
    4. Disbursement and reductions
    5. a) Having your order placed with us, it is an offer to make a product purchase with us. The product will not be delivered unless full payment is complete.
    6. b) Calculation of the service fee is done on the pricing We are not obligated to give you any product unless the service fee is complete
    7. c) Information about our products and discounts is found FAQs.
    8. Use, termination and suspension
    9. a) The site can be accessed for personal and non-commercial use
    10. b) Any part of the site shall not be used illegally particularly in instances like;
    11. transferring information that results in breaches and criminal offenses
    12. Interfering with information on other members walls
    1. Harassing, abusing, threatening, defamation among other unlawful acts should not be performed here
    1. Having electronic copies and copies of materials stores with acquiring owner’s permission.
    2. c) If anyone breaches the above provision, they will be liable for the losses and the costs that come with breaching
    3. d) If you decide use the site outside UK, the initiative is in your hands and therefore you are responsible for complying with local regulations
    4. e) Breach of these terms leads to termination of your site
    5. f) If your account affects law operations adversely and at the same time affecting customers, we might be forced to suspend you from accessing the site as we engage in investigation.
    6. Using our products
    1. By placing your order with us: you should have in mind that:
    1. a) You are making a personal and noncommercial purchase only
    2. b) any product data used must be properly referenced
    3. c) All provided products are reference, research and learning examples on how to develop a paper within a specific citation style.
    4. d) Freelance writers acquire all products but later transfer the rights and ownership to the company or its partners
    5. e) The necessary payments made must be as a reflection of the effort and time our writers use in organizing, gathering, editing, posting and delivering the products
    6. f) Apart from having a number of copies posted for personal and non-commercial uses, you are not allowed to make re-production, modification and display of any other work on the site or exploit the site content without consent
    7. g) After research and referencing, all products must be destroyed completely with no other copies being made for distribution.
    8. Stealing
    1. By submitting an order; you should agree that
    1. a) We have the right to cancel a contract with any individual who wants to use our work as original school work. You also agree to the fact that any delivered product might need to go through third parties before payment is made. You also agree that in the event we suspect a product is distributed against our terms, we are in a position to refuse to engage in another contract with you.
    2. b) You shall not have your name on any of our products. This is because any product that is posted on our site is for reference purposes only. We do not at any point encourage clients to be part of any patterns of plagiarism. We emphasize on adhering and abiding to copyright and law issues knowing that plagiarism is seriously punished by the law. Any written product published by the sight is a model and not work that should be submitted. An entire work published by us to the customer is an original piece of work and will be paraphrased and cited properly before submission.
    3. c) Neither the company nor its partners will be liable for any inappropriate, illegal and unethical behavior. This is in the form of poor grading, plagiarism, lawsuits, loss of grants and scholarship or any other illegal action. Purchasing a product from us makes the client wholly responsible for every illegal action undertaken by them.
    4. Repayments and terminations
    5. a) Refunds are possible in the case we breach our terms
    6. b) Once you place your order with us, you should be aware that the cancellation and refund policy terms from theFAQ
    7. c) At the time of completion of your order, the company will not perform any refund not in any circumstance unless it is specified on the terms and conditions.
    8. Intellectual property rights
      • 1 IPR in the product
    9. a) The delivered products are drafted by freelance writers
    10. b) All products delivered to you has a retained copy with us
    11. c) On the payment selection, we give you an exclusive license to use the product for personal and non-commercial purpose
    12. d) You should be in agreement not to publish, transfer, display or modify any works from the site’s content without consent from the company’s support.
    13. e) The client is responsible for any loss that the company suffers as a result of unauthorized use
    1. The client should be sure that the materials supplied to us do not infringe on other people’s rights and applicable laws.
    • 3 IPR in the site
    1. a) Every intellectual property is the site is under our ownership
    2. b) No information is deemed transferable to any other member of the site without consent.
    3. c) In placing your order with us, you agree that you shall notdownload copy or transfer any information from this site to others.
      • 4 Used sources

    There will not be any entire provision of sources and e-books. Instead citations on the product will be used for referencing purposes. A service fee will be charged for using links and sources used in other materials.

    1. Liability disclaimer
    2. a) The site does not offer any guarantee that we shall satisfy you in your requirements. You cannot have full accessibility of the site if your device does not support full technology.
    3. b) It is possible to access the site through the World Wide Web that is independent of us though solely your own risk in the regulations and international laws.
    4. c) Our site could have hyperlinks to third parties, websites or other resources but be sure that they have their own policing terms. Before having information supply from other websites, we believe that it will be essential for you to check their privacy policy.
    5. d) We shall not be liable for any damage and loss of your information on the site
    6. e) We are not liable to any person who is not a member on our website
    7. Our liability does not extend to email malfunction, electronic failures and other dysfunctions of any kind
    8. Incomplete, failed, delayed or garbled transmissions are not our liability
    9. Any conditions that results in uncontrollable events we shall not be part of.
    1.  Any losses, injuries and damages that occur while using our services, we shall not compensate
    2. Any typing error is not also our responsibility
    3. f) No third party liabilities
    4. g) No other events liability
    5. h) In a nutshell, nothing is not specified on our terms shall we engage in or be part off
    6. Miscellaneous
    7. a) No user is permitted to transfer their rights to other persons under this terms
    8. b) Breaching the terms leads to an immediate cancellation of your order and other future endeavors with us
    9. Announcements
    10. a) All other notices by you should be written and sent to us on the Contact Us section.
    11. b) All notices to you will:
    12. shown on the site any time
    13. displayed on individual pages
    1. emailed to individual email addresses as provided on the registration forms
    2. How to contact us

    If you need further data about our site, feel free to reach us by email, phone or chat among other details listed on the Contact Us section. Alternatively, you can use your personal page to contact us at any time of the day.



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