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What is plagiarism?

Rogers stumbled upon some good information on the internet for his science assignment on Engines but which unfortunately had plagiarism. He records a statement about the history of engines and how so many people suffered from lifting very heavy engines in the past before the use of cranes was discovered. In recording the history of engines, Rogers copy pasted this information from the website into his report. In a quick procedure, he also changed the font of the paper to match the rest of the content on his report and continued with his research. In this instance, Rogers made a huge mistake. Do you have an idea of what he just did? He committed and act termed ‘plagiarism’. Plagiarism is an instance where a writer uses someone else’s ideas, explanations and general information and passes the same as his own. The act of plagiarism is prohibited in college, schools and environment outside schools as well particularly for article developers. Therefore, it is always good to study all proper ways in which you can use magazines, websites and books among other information sources.

Plagiarism could simply be referred to as cheating. However, it is a complicated practice that a child could engage in without knowledge of committing wrong. In Roger’s instance, he should have given credit to the author of the website for the information he had collected for his research? Why is this so? Because Rogers had no idea of this information before he logged into the website. At the same time, the ideas and thoughts used in his paper are not originally his.

Stealing of Ideas in Plagiarism

The term plagiarism was derived from a Latin word for ‘kidnapping’. It is universally known that kidnapping is simply stealing somebody. Relating the two, plagiarism is therefore stealing another writer’s writing and ideas and poses them as your own. You would not collect someone’s money for lunch of his bike, right? Therefore why would you steal someone’s thoughts and words, they are his personal property as well. What would Rogers do instead? Rogers would have noted down the name of the person who developed the website, the website name and the name of the article as well as other details like date of publication and the website link as a way of crediting that information to that particular author. Adding this information is regarded as giving credit to the author of the source and the source itself.

Instructors have distinct rules on how students should list down their sources. Most times, your instructors would provide you with the list of how to list your source at the end of your coursework. Other times, the instructor might give you the list of the course at the beginning of the semester assuming it is what you shall be working with. All these serve as examples of how to cite your sources in your writing. Some sources are cited at the end of the sentence, other at the beginning of the sentence while some sources serve as part of continuity of the sentence. This information could make students nervous especially when using sources that must be credited to the authors. It is appealing that you are able to get information from experts and sources that you do not know much about.

You must just have to ensure that you show your instructor where you have gotten your information from and you should do that in a clear way. However, it is never easy to point on what plagiarism is and what is not because many times students engage in plagiarism accidentally. Accidentally or not, failure to identify the source you are using could cause you a lot of trouble. When developing a paper and you want to avoid plagiarism, always ask yourself ‘would I have an idea of this information if I hand not stumbled on it in that website’? No is the answer, so cite your source. Click below to order your non-plagiarized essay now!

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