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Formatting a Dissertation


This online writing platform addresses the demand of composing a dissertation. Our main aim is to help you develop confidence when constructing a paper of a similar nature and help you in your writing till successful completion. First and foremost, it is important to note that a dissertation paper has numerous sections and chapters and each section and chapter have their own functioning and value addition in the composition.

The below listed sections are what should be in every dissertation paper.

Formatting a Dissertation Layout

Title page

The title page is a significant opportunity to reveal to your readers what your research is all about. In your title page, you are required to be specific, representative, succinct and specific to capture the attention of your readers. There is a higher likelihood that your cover page must be formatted according to your discipline and you need to address that too.


The abstract is one of the shortest sections in a dissertation but there is need to take care when developing an abstract. An abstract is a descriptive summary of what your research is all about. This section should stand alone in representing how and why you are engaging in the research, the implications and results of your research. Most times students write the abstract at the beginning of the paper but we think it would be best to develop your abstract at the end of your paper. The abstract should attend to a restrictive space and word limit but at the same time the writer should ensure to include all significant materials.


It is the first piece of writing that the reader stumbled upon as it introduced the larger concept of the research. The introduction expands the summarized material on the abstract and is a signpost for the rest of the content in the dissertation.

Problem Statement

This section makes the reader aware of the issues that relate to the study. This describes the current state of research, identifies the gap in research and argues what needs should be done.

Research Questions

Every dissertation must develop questions that the research will revolve around. This section develops logical question in a clear statement of problems and research questions that the project will address.

Literature Review

In this chapter, the writer provides his readers with a framework that refers back into history of the same topic looking at what previous authors have done and what needs to be done. This section is worth because it takes time to discuss a logical structure that convinces examiners of the significance of present research from an understanding of previous research.


This section is a straight forward one in describing how the writer conducts his research. Particularly, it is in this section that the writer records the materials, processes and tools used to make the research a success.


In this section, the writer gives his audience a detailed research about his presentation, the order in which you will be presenting your results and other details of the result section.


This is the section where the author reviews their own research relating to the wider context in which the research is located. The writer is advised to refer back to the rational and literature review sections to show us how they all relate before concluding the research.


In the presence of acknowledged limitation, the author of the dissertation is given a chance to report on the consequences of his findings with high level application of theoretical explanations and practice.


Before presenting your work, every students is encouraged to go through their work, correct every mistake, check on the flow of sentences and grammar in order to submitted a paper with no errors.

Proof reading

This section requires every author of a paper to go through his development to ensure there is complete flow of information, sentences that make sense, correct punctuation and that the whole paper relates to every section.

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