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Expository Essays

How to Go About Expository Essays


There is an increasing number of writing styles in academic writing arena and the genres keep on expanding. The expansion in academic writing has caused some confusion to students in the features that have to be used in each writing style. It is common to find college teachers assigning students assignments of different kinds with an intention of sharpening their writing skills. In a bid to train the same students, learners report an increase in confusion especially in developing expository and narrative essays. Looking at the structure of both essays, one is clearly able to tell the difference between the two. To make our clients understand the difference between expository and narrative essays, we shall take you through definitions of certain key words that clearly uncover the difference between the two compositions. The main difference between a narrative and an expository writings is simply ‘tell’ and ‘explain’.

Tell and explain difference

Telling involves providing clear information about a specific issue or subject. On the other hand, explain involves expressing particular information about a topic to make it easy to understand and clear to the reader. Therefore, in a narrative, the author tells a story to his audience while in an expository essay; the author describes, explains and reveals guidelines that make it issue to understand a certain subject.

What should be contained in an expository essay?

The main aim of developing an expository essay lies in expanding the information about a specific topic but in a logical manner. In an expository essay, the writer must support his ideas with staunch references. In its structure and content, an expository essay to some extent resembled instructions, manuals and descriptions which provide sufficient data on the subject making it easy to understand. Before you decide on writing an expository essay, you must choose a topic from a variety of available definition types on our website;

Types of expository essays

Cause and effect expository essay

In this type of essay, there are two subjects that are indicated as topic and the narrator must explain how one subject affects the other.

Compare and contrast expository essay

This kind of essay reveals the features and assumptions indicated on a subject. Comparing and contrasting is usually the most useful way to notice such features.

Classification expository essay

Involves developing guidelines on the mechanics needed to accomplish a process with a main goal of instructing your audience

Definition expository essay

Involves taking the concept and discussing the connotation and denotation on it

Key features in an expository essay

Brilliant expository essays must contain the terms define, explain as well as describe. These terms reveal to the writer the main purpose of their text and how they are going to approach it. The idea and the direction of this writing are to aid in a substantial definition of a subject and its effects on the other subject.

When is the right time to make up a topic for such an essay?

It is common to find students coming up with expository essays during the prewriting stage. Teachers would most times provide their students with topic on which to write about but at times students are allowed to make a choice of what they want to write. Because the topic determines furthers actions of writing, it is impossible to start writing an essay without having a clue on what to write on. When you have developed your topic well, you are at half success. Feel free to user our online writing services at any time, we are here to help you deal with all expository problems you might have. Click Now To Order

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