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Critical Essays

What are critical essays?

Critical Essays

Critical essays are covered under the many assignments instructors give to their students as part of coursework and grading. Assignments are used to assess the understanding level of students and find out whether they have gained any skills and knowledge during the semester. There are many types of assignments that professors could give to their students. These assignments range from simple essays to research papers to dissertations and projects as well. This is where critical essay comes in. Basically, designing a critical essay demand a student to write a project about a specific topic given to them by their instructor during each grading stage. Critical essays are responsible for making or breaking the grade of a learner as it is critical essays that determine whether a student will pass or fail in his course. Seemingly hard to comprehend how to design a critical essay, critical essays are one of the simplest assignments for students.

What is the purpose of assigning critical essays?

A higher percentage of professors think critical essays would be the best tool to assess the level of student knowledge and understanding about a specific matter and so that is why instructors issue critical essay assignments. Continuous assessment tests or random assessment tests are not enough to reveal the level of understanding of students therefore most professors settle for giving out critical essay assignments. Unlike small class tests, critical essays is the only means to engage students is a serious writing for a specific topic so as to assign them grades they deserve.

Why do instructors prefer to assign critical assignments?

  1. To check for writing proficiency

In critical assignments, students are engaged in serious writing where they have to organization their ideas and though logically to make an argument. With critical assignments, instructors are able to determine whether learners have the ability to follow the steps and guidelines of developing a critical analysis essay. Students’ critical essays are checked in relation to proper placement of punctuation marks, proper sentence construction and use of proper grammar.

  1. Organization and priority list in critical essays writing

Before every grading procedure, it is normal to find instructors assigning critical essays to their students. Because students take up numerous units, the professor is fully aware that they have to attend other lectures but still have to submit their assignments on time. Because most students complain about being busy, they are tempted to look for critical essay samples on the web, download them and submit them as original assignments. The act of copy pasting and using another person’s information as your own is known as plagiarism and has very serious consequences.

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