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Annotated Bibliography

imagesAn annotated bibliography is a thorough exercise that involves making commentary alongside every source used in a paper. It is not enough just to skim through sources and jot down the citations in which the sources are from. With reference to your instructor’s requirements, the commentaries could be time consuming and detail oriented or the opposite. How should this be done?

What is An Annotated Bibliography?

In simple terms, it is a list of writings that have the date of publication attached. An annotated bibliography is otherwise a detailed version of the same. This means that an annotated bibliography contains citation information that is followed by an annotation. An annotation is also a note that is followed by an explanation on the bibliography. This note acts as an explanation or a description or an evaluation of the subject matter on the publication that is entered at the reference or bibliography level. The bibliography contains a list of articles, websites, research papers, magazines, journals among other citation materials that the author uses to reference the explanation. The author of an annotated bibliography uses some notations as summary of the main arguments and points referred in the text. The author aids in description of the main points, arguments and topics covered in the book as a way of evaluating the referenced source. An annotated bibliography should also explain the reason for choosing to use that particular article in your research and the relevance of the article. The author of an annotated bibliography must also include information on how the article has been helpful and what important points he has gathered from the article. An annotated bibliography could also contain other significant data that forms part of an exceptional annotated bibliography development. Below is an example of an annotated bibliography entry:

Significance of An Annotated Bibliography

Developing an annotated bibliography would sound useless especially when the author has to engage in a discussion of the advantages of a particular source. However, we realize that discussing the advantages of a source is part for addressing any research paper. In every research paper, we can clearly see the author trying to make a particular argument and supporting it in the strongest way possible. The quoted authors in such papers should be credited and this is done is the advantages sector of annotated bibliography discussion. An annotated bibliography is advantageous in college because it reveals to the professor that the author of the paper has performed thorough research and has come up with vital facts to make the source credible and look relevant. A similar advantage of designing an annotated bibliography is that because it has the quoiting sector, these quotes act as some form of weight into crediting the source. An annotated bibliography and all information within it is the basic relevance of the process. The bibliography on the other hand provides the timeline of information in which the quoted paper occurred.

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